With Connexor Data API users can send requests for getting structured products master data (reference data) and also have the possibility to get daily end-of-day independent valuation for structured products.

Structured Products reference data and key figures

In collaboration with Derivative Partners, SIX Swiss Exchange offers a web based DataAPI for Structured Products reference data. This solution allows consumers to download Structured Products data complete with all details available on SIX CONNEXOR. Rather than paying for a CONNEXOR fee, clients pay per ISIN requested, so they only pay for the products they need.

Along with the reference data, there is also a comprehensive range of calculated Structured Products key figures based on the previous day closing price.


Full transparency and accessibility for Reference Data via our DataAPI


Pay per click for available International Securities Identification Number (ISIN)


Subscribe for specific products and receive automatic updates

Key Figures

  • strike (distance)
  • autocall, barrier (distance, hit probability)
  • greeks (delta, gamma, theta, vega, rho, leverage, intrinsic value, time value)
  • payoff at maturity
  • yield figures (side yield, max yield, bonus yield, outperformance level)
  • risk figures (value at risk, SRI)


  • Technical Set-up: CHF 2'500 pre paid and once off
  • Reference Data: CHF 3 / ISIN per calendar year
  • Key Figures: CHF 5 / ISIN per calendar year
  • Minimum Usage Fee: CHF 2'000 per calendar year

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Independent Valuation Service via CONNEXOR API

The Independent Valuation Service, as part of the CONNEXOR API, offers on-demand valuation (End-of-Day) as a service for structured products. The solution brings customized transparency to the complex world of investing and managing wealth with structured products. Its intuitive interface and documented API, developed in collaboration with Derivative Partners (Avaloq), enables easy subscription to independent valuation for structured products across financial markets. Automated coverage checks regarding underlying data ensure full automation and scalability.


Gain transparency in the complex world of structured products with the independent valuation service on CONNEXOR API, empowering informed decision-making.

User-friendly interface

Access valuation services with ease through a user-friendly webform, ensuring a seamless experience for all users.


Pay-per-click model for available ISINs ensures cost-effective access to independent valuations, eliminating unnecessary expenses.

Flexible Subscription Options

Enjoy flexible Subscription options tailored to current needs, with no binding contracts and transparent pricing.

Streamline investment processes

Subscribe to specific products and receive daily End-of-Day independent fair value calculations updates, streamlining workflow and enhancing efficiency.

Reliability and Security

Rely on a solid and credible service with no downtimes, ensuring process security and peace of mind for users.

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